Deaf Short Films Program

Deaf Short Films Program

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  • Andrew Keenan-Bolger
  • Louise Stern
  • Laci Dent
  • Marieke Helmus
  • Ted Evans

A collection of short films made by and/or starring Deaf artists, exploring the spectrum of communication and expression.

Using comedy, romance, drama, and performance, this collection of short films made by and/or starring Deaf artists explores the spectrum of communication and expression.

Sign: A Silent Film (USA, 2016)
d. Andrew Keenan-Bolger
Full of dialogue but without a word spoken aloud, this film uses sign language, music, and visual imagery to tell the story of the relationship between Ben, a hearing man, and Aaron, who is Deaf.

Boat (UK, 2017)
d. Louise Stern
Moving into a houseboat owned by a motor-mouthed man, a Deaf woman navigates her new community using gesture, dance, and writing, while discovering that true communication goes beyond language.

Sounds Like Us (USA, 2014)
d. Laci Dent
A Deaf man and his hearing partner celebrate an intimate birthday together in this romantic short.

Silent Moves (The Netherlands, 2014)
d. Marieke Helmus
What does it mean to dance without music? This documentary follows five Deaf performers as they prepare for their modern dance performance Moving Lights.

To Know Him (UK, 2018)
d. Ted Evans
After the sudden death of her husband, a Deaf woman must track down his long-estranged hearing father in order to lay her beloved to rest.

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