Druid Peak

Druid Peak

Sloan Foundation Film

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  • Marni Zelnick


  • Rachel Korine
  • Andrew Wilson
  • Spencer Treat Clark


  • Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Feature Film Award, 2010

A troubled teen is sent to live with his estranged father, a park ranger at Yellowstone National Park. During his time there, he develops an unusual affinity with and passion for the wolves in a local pack.

Owen Wagner (Spencer Treat Clark) is a troubled teen sent to live with the father (Andrew Wilson) he never knew, a biologist working in Yellowstone National Park's wolf reintroduction program. As his knowledge of the animals grows, Owen discovers a passion for the wolves and the wild spaces they inhabit. When a change in government policy threatens the program, he must decide how far he will go to protect the wolves, his father, and the place he has finally come to call home. 

Possible Topics

  • What caused the decline of Yellowstone's Druid Peak pack of wolves?
  • Wolf behavior and biology
  • The link between conserving species and conserving ecosystems
  • Species reintroduction

Past Programs


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Bozeman Film Society, Bozeman, MT