I Am Another You

I Am Another You

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  • Nanfu Wang

Filmmaker Nanfu Wang explores the meaning of personal freedom through the eyes of a young drifter who rejects society's rules and chooses to live on the streets.

Arriving in the U.S. from China in her 20s, filmmaker Nanfu Wang takes a trip to Florida to begin exploring her new country. Upon arriving, she meets Dylan, a charismatic 22-year-old drifter who left a comfortable existence in Utah to embark on his own personal adventures. Wang, intrigued by his free spirit and willingness to explore, begins traveling with Dylan as he traverses across various geographical and mental states. As Wang spends more time with Dylan, the charm begins to wear off and indications of what has led to his transient lifestyle begin to become clearer. With her unparalleled delicate curiosity and a keen eye for investigating, Wang examines the system failures that lead to and perpetuate homelessness in America.

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