Kings of Nowhere (Los reyes del pueblo que no existe)

Kings of Nowhere (Los reyes del pueblo que no existe)

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  • Betzabé García

Three families refuse to leave a village in Northwestern Mexico that is partially flooded.

After a carelessly constructed dam breaks, the once-lively village of San Marcos, Mexico becomes partially flooded, driving out nearly the entire population. Three families remain in the isolated village: Pani and Paula continue working in their tortillería in hopes of restoring the village to its previous glory; Miro and his parents want to leave but can’t; Yoya and Jaimito are self-sustaining, but fear the violent attacks from soldiers that sporadically pass through. With unhurried interviews and gorgeous shots of the lush landscape, Betzabé García’s timely documentary debut deftly examines the impact of human-made disasters—coupled with the effects of climate change—with a quiet compassion that balances hope and resigned acceptance.

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