Sensitivity Training

Sensitivity Training

Sloan Foundation Film

Release Date



  • Melissa Finell


  • Anna Lise Phillips
  • Jill E. Alexander
  • Charles Haid


  • 2013, UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television: Production Award

A misanthropic scientist is forced into sensitivity training at work and forms an unlikely friendship with the bubbly woman assigned to be her coach.

Rude, crude and unapologetic, microbiologist Dr. Serena Wolfe is great with pathogenic bacteria, but her interactions with fellow humans are strained at best. Serena can't drive her car or go to the movies without getting into a conflict. Her colleagues avoid her, her lab assistants are terrified of her, and she eats dinner alone every night standing over her kitchen sink. After crossing a line with a colleague, Serena is forced to undergo an attitude adjustment courtesy of perpetually perky sensitivity coach Caroline. Determined to make Serena an acceptable human being, Caroline and her sunny disposition represent everything Serena hates, and her brand of sensitivity training is extremely invasive. With Caroline shadowing Serena's every move, they develop an unexpected bond, each challenging the other's defenses.

Possible Topics

  • The science of misanthropy
  • Can personalities be changed?