Short Films, Big Ideas: The Science of Science Fiction

Short Films, Big Ideas: The Science of Science Fiction

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  • Ged Murray
  • Andrew Bowler
  • Greg Omelchuck
  • Jordan Canning
  • Daniel Jourdan


  • Gavin Fullam
  • Michael Nathanson
  • Leslie Langee
  • Jason Spevack
  • David Gardos

The Seattle Science Festival presents five favorites from Seattle's own Science Fiction + Fantasy Short Film Festival, introduced by a pair of scientists delving into the facts behind the sci-fi.

The short films featured include Small Time about a cocky, young student who discovers time travel, leading to a rivalry with his professor; Time Freak, in which a neurotic inventor creates a time machine only to get lost traveling around yesterday; Chorebot about a robot servant and a dog who don't notice when their human owner mysteriously disappears; Oliver Bump's Birthday about a boy who discovers he's going to die on the eve of his 13th birthday, unless his mysterious plan can save him; and Project Panacea, in which a young scientist has discovered a revolutionary disease treatment alone in his basement.