Sky Glow

Sky Glow

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  • Harun Mehmedinovic
  • Gavin Hefferman

Through the use of over three million photographs, this documentary time-lapse beautifully depicts the unsettling damage urban light pollution is having on astronomy, nocturnal animals and insects, and star-gazing.

After a grueling three-year journey of over 150,000 miles traveled and 3,000,000 pictures takes, renowned time-lapse filmmakers Harun Mehmedinovic and Gavin Hefferman introduce Skyglow, a hardcover photo book and time-lapse video series exploring North America’s remaining magnificent night skies and the grave threat of light pollution to our fragile environment. Skyglow explores the history and mythology of celestial observation, the proliferation of electrical outdoor lighting that spurred the rise of the phenomenon known as “skyglow,” and the Dark Sky Movement that’s fighting to reclaim the night skies. Featured by The Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters, BBC Earth, National Geographic, Time Magazine, National Park Service, and over 1,000 media outlets, Skyglow images and videos have been seen by over 200 million people.

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