Whaling City

Whaling City

Sloan Foundation Film

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  • Jay Burke


  • P.J. Sosko
  • Philana Mia
  • Tom Kemp


  • Alfred P. Sloan Feature Film Production Grant, 2007

An independent commercial fisherman must fight to save his boat, his livelihood, and his way of life.

In New Bedford, Massachusetts, a third-generation independent commercial fisherman (P.J. Sosko) struggles to keep a grasp on his way of life—and a long-held family boat—as costs rise and the heavily regulated fishing industry is pushed toward a corporate model of efficiency. While developing an unlikely relationship with a marine biologist (Philana Mia), he is tempted to do whatever it takes to keep his boat.

Possible Topics

  • The personal and environmental costs of fishing regulation
  • A look at the modern fishing industry

Past Programs


Marine Science and Commercial Fishing

Provincetown Film Festival / Waters Edge Cinema, Provincetown, MA