Night Of The  Living  Dead

The Maine Primitive Skills School

Night of the Living Dead— Surviving an Apocalypse

A discussion of the basic wilderness survival skills needed to up the chances of surviving a zombie apocalypse

Maine Film Center / Railroad Square Cinema Waterville, ME

Film Synopsis

A group of people hide from bloodthirsty zombies in a farmhouse.

"They're coming to get you Barbara!"

When the reanimated corpses of the recently deceased begin to rise from the earth and seek human flesh as sustenance, a small group of survivors takes refuge inside of a farmhouse. Armed only with guns, blunt instruments, and the knowledge that a blow to the head is the only means of taking down their decaying assailants, the living must attempt to last the night. Director George A. Romero gave rise to the survival horror genre with this landmark film, and his vision of the slow-moving, cannibalistic walking dead quickly became the textbook definition of "zombie."