Medicine Man

The State Theatre Modesto, CA


Mike Malfatti

Toxicologist, Lawrence Livermore National Lab

Medicine Man— Improving human health one atom at a time

Marvelous machines: The power and applications of biomedical accelerator mass spectrometry, a sensitive and precise method for detecting and quantifying rare, long-lived isotopes.

The State Theatre Modesto, CA

Film Synopsis

A research scientist discovers a cure for cancer in the Brazilian rainforest but loses the formula. When a logging company begins to harvest the forest, he must race against time to rediscover the secret before it is gone forever.

Brilliant, eccentric research scientist Richard Campbell (Sean Connery), after living for six years in the Amazon jungle, has possibly discovered a cure for cancer. Dr. Rae Crane (Lorraine Bracco) is sent by the pharmaceutical company they both work for to check up on him. Upon arrival, she contends with Campbell's reluctance to work with a woman. But the two must join forces to fight commercial loggers intent on destroying the jungle and research his cureā€”all while falling in love.