This encompasses all the different tools you use to market your other special programs, events, and series, including your website, e-newsletters and e-blasts, social media, flyers, postcards, and posters. Call attention to Science on Screen events by highlighting them on your homepage. Consider creating a dedicated Science on Screen page on your website. Develop a distinctive visual identity for your series. Come up with an intriguing tagline to accompany the Science on Screen series title (please note that you must call your series Science on Screen). Do promotional ticket giveaways on Facebook and Twitter.

Dedicated Science on Screen List

The Coolidge has built a substantial Science on Screen email list since launching the series in 2005. E-blasts to this list go out about 10 days prior to each program. Anyone who wants to receive these notices can sign up on or via slips in the theater lobby. Raffling off a prize at Science on Screen events can be a fun and effective way to encourage people to join your email list. While movie passes are always appreciated, you can get creative by offering an item related to the featured film or program theme.

Coolidge raffle prizes have included a basket of doggie treats (Best in Show), a cookbook (Babette's Feast), dry-cleaning vouchers (The Man in the White Suit), and a Bill Murray coloring book (Rushmore). We’ve found that local businesses are happy to donate items in exchange for exposure.


The Coolidge and the Sloan Foundation should be acknowledged in all marketing materials as the main sponsor of your program, e.g. “Science on Screen® at [your theater’s name] is made possible through a grant from the Coolidge Corner Theatre, with support from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.”