These can be formal or informal. The Museum of Science, Boston is an official co-presenter of the Coolidge Corner Theatre’s series. The Museum is acknowledged on our website, in marketing and publicity materials, and at events. Its members receive a $2 discount on all Science on Screen programs. In exchange, the Museum promotes Science on Screen programs via its website and social media. 

In addition, local businesses have donated raffle items and refreshments and provided promotional support at no cost, or in exchange for comp tickets. Similarly, non-profit organizations have provided promotional help in exchange for making their literature available at events.

Science on Screen grant recipients are welcome to establish partnerships with local organizations in their own communities. The Center for Contemporary Arts Santa Fe, for example, has had great success partnering with the renowned Santa Fe Institute. In addition to providing SoS speakers from among the ranks of its distinguished faculty, the Institute has lent strong marketing and publicity support.