Honolulu Museum of Art Honolulu, HI


Chris Jordan

Filmmaker and photographer; Director of ALBATROSS


Lindsay Young

Affiliate graduate faculty member, University of Hawai’i Natural Resources and Environmental Management Department; Secretary, The Wildlife Society Hawai'i Chapter


Kahi Pacarro​

Executive Director, Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii

moderated by

Wayne Sentman

Director of Conservation Travel Programs, The Ocean Society

Albatross— The impacts of global plastic pollution

Post-screening, a panel of experts will discuss plastic pollution in Hawaii and how audience members can take action to save the albatross and other wildlife from plastics.

Presented in collaboration with the Friends of Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge and the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation.

Honolulu Museum of Art Honolulu, HI

Film Synopsis

"Do we have the courage to face the realities of our time and allow ourselves to feel deeply enough that it transforms us and our future?" Director Chris Jordan gives his answer in this gorgeous chronicle of environmental tragedy, recounting the decimation of a population of albatross by the plastic refuse littering its habitat.

Albatross is a stunning visual journey exploring the impacts of global plastic pollution through the eyes of the albatross on the remote Midway Atoll. Filmmaker Chris Jordan records cycles of birth, life, and death of these magnificent seabirds, illustrating the consequences of our reliance on single-use plastics.  

Photo by Chris Jordan